Foyer takes the Luxembourg Gold Quality Prize

At a ceremony held on 16 November 2018, Foyer was awarded the gold medal at the Luxembourg Quality and Excellence Awards. This prize is awarded once a year to companies looking to improve their processes, products and services to ensure optimal customer satisfaction by the Mouvement luxembourgeois pour la qualité et l'excellence [Luxembourg Movement for Quality and Excellence].

Customers have always been at the heart of Foyer's concerns, and the company has worked continuously to optimise the experience it proposes in its service offer. The Group also ensures on a daily basis that it provides its employees with a safe and suitable working environment, while promoting socially responsible activities. In addition, excellence is one of its five corporate values.

In 2015, to ensure continuous improvement in its products and services, the Group launched an ambitious programme called “ELAN”. Within this programme, the employees themselves propose the means to improve their work processes and the quality of service to internal or external customers, within a framework of constant improvement. The innovation potential for such a programme is enormous: it does not stem from theoretical concepts, but a succession of concrete improvements applied daily. It also serves as a reminder that problems confined to a department do not exist and often concern the whole group. In this regard, at Foyer, quality has become synonymous with cross-functionality, and therefore concerns everyone.

Foyer is proud to have met this national challenge that rewards the long-term work of all its employees in improving its services to its customers. Tomorrow we face numerous challenges, whether in technological innovation and new consumer expectations. Thanks to the continuous improvement in its services and its culture of excellence, the Foyer Group is ready to meet them with strength and commitment.

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