Foyer supports its customers following the tornado on 9 August

The tornado that forcefully struck Pétange, Bascharage and several towns in the south in the country, and the extent of the damage that it left in its wake, have made a lasting impression on us all. We, Foyer Group's management, employees and agents, feel moved to doing everything in our power to reassure our customers and offer them a fast solution.

Since Friday evening, our agents, accompanied by our loss adjusters, have been out in the field, helping affected people to take initial emergency measures. So far they have already visited a hundred or so homes.

Our agencies, for their part, opened their doors from Saturday morning to assist our customers.

Photo: Mélanie Markovic / La Meuse Luxembourg

A crisis unit has been set up by our staff to handle cases linked to this exceptional event as a priority.

We invite all of our customers who have not yet submitted claims to contact their Foyer agent as soon as possible and to take the initial emergency measures required, such as calling a roofer, until a loss adjuster can visit and help them with the next steps in the process. We advise that you choose a contractor carefully as, unfortunately, unscrupulous people may try to take advantage of the situation.

The recommendations published by the ACA (association of insurance companies) in its press release are as follows:

Contact your insurer by email or by phone. Note that there is no deadline for submitting your claim.

Take photos of the damage caused by the tornado.

Take all of the preventive measures necessary to prevent the damage from worsening (cover over damaged roofs, board up windows, protect furniture, etc.).

If the damage is such that immediate debris removal is needed, on the decision of the authorities for example, try to collect evidence (photographs, videos, witness statements from neighbours, and so on).

If your vehicle has been damaged, drive it, or get it transported, to your local garage, or the garage approved by your insurance company, informing your insurer of where it can be appraised.

Finally, note that government support is also available. For more information, please consult the website

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